Pictures of the Le Mans winner '91 787B @
Musée Automobile de la Sarthe
Le Mans, France

It was like a dream come true when I found the 787B in the museum @ Le Mans, unfortunitely my camera had
died a couple of days before, so I had to buy a disposable one at the museum.

More to come soon

As you can see the pix aren't too good, but the disposable camera wasn't excatly designed for this type of lighting I think 8o(.

Pictures of a 13J engine @
Musée national de l'automobile - collection Schlumpf
Muhlhouse, France

These pix were taken about a week later on the same trip to France, so my camera still didn't work 8o(

As you can see the engine has been taken apart to show how the whole system works

The pictures are not that good, due to ie. that they were taken with a disposable camera,
insufficient ligting, and that the fact that the display case made a mirror effect of the flash.

Some pics. I took some day in '98

It is almost a shame to drive the Rx-7's in a kind of weather where you have to use winter tires!

It doesn't do the car justice to have winter wheels on - but it is practically impossible to drive without them!!!

Some pics. I took some day in '99

A couple of friends popped by and we practically just jerked around all day 8o)

We ended the day by cruising up North of Copenhagen

A Very Nice Looking FC Convertible I HAD to Take a Picture of:

Bored with my vaccation pix?